Kawamura Motomi    

Kawamura Motomi
Alma mater Yamanashi Gakuin University
Birth place Osaka Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2018
Uniform number 19
Nickname Mo-chan
Birthday 3/5/1996
Zodiac sign Pisces
Blood type A
Height 157cm
Kawamura Motomi
Current obsession Make a smoothie
My favorite singer Camila Cabello
How I spend my days off Dress up and go out
Aspirations for this season Score more than last season
My sales point Reverce hit
What led me to hockey Asai-san invited me to play as a stand-in, and I ended up joining.
Message to the fans I will score enough goals to make the team win this year,and be successful. Thank you for your continued support.
What is your favorite food? Banana, Lasagna