Nishikori Emi    

Nishikori Emi
Alma mater Yokota high school
Birth place Shimane Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2011
Uniform number 3
Nickname Emi
Birthday 1/9/1993
Zodiac sign Capricornus
Blood type O
Height 160cm
Nishikori Emi
Current obsession Go for a drive, K-POP
My favorite singer BTS, SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet
How I spend my days off Go for a drive, eat delicious food
Aspirations for this season No injuries
My sales point Total-body defense
What led me to hockey I wanted to give it a try.
Message to the fans Thank you for your continued support, it is a big part of what makes us successful. There are many things happening outside of hockey, but we continue to train to show you positive thoughts as we get ready to play in this new season. Again,Thank you for your continued support.
What do you want the most right now? New car