Fujibayashi Chiko    

Fujibayashi Chiko
Alma mater Yamanashi Gakuin University
Birth place Shiga Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2018
Uniform number 2
Nickname Chiko
Birthday 1/14/1996
Zodiac sign Capricornus
Blood type A
Height 161cm
Fujibayashi Chiko
Current obsession Watching Netflix
My favorite singer Avicii, Mrs.GREEN APPLE, BERRY GOODMAN
How I spend my days off Going to cafe, cycling
Aspirations for this season Win in the 4 major tournaments
My sales point Interception
What led me to hockey Asked by a childhood friend.
Message to the fans Thank you for your support as always. This year, I will be putting myself at the front and strive daily at training to improve and contribute to this team better than last year. Thank you for your continued support.
What is your favorite food? Cinnamon