Emura Kaho    

Emura Kaho
Alma mater Tenri University
Birth place Nara Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2017
Uniform number 9
Nickname Emu-san, Emuu, Kaho
Birthday 1/14/1995
Zodiac sign Capricornus
Blood type O
Height 156cm
Emura Kaho
Current obsession One plate dish, study Korean
My favorite singer Arashi (after 2020 as well), AAA, Nissy
How I spend my days off Going to live concerts, Shopping, Go to cafe
Aspirations for this season Prepare without regret. The team ends the season with a smile
My sales point Play go forward. The toughness
What led me to hockey I came across hockey when I was in Junior High and it looked like fun, so I started playing with my friend.
Message to the fans Thank you as always for your continued support. This year we have set "SPIRIT" as our main value,and we intend to deliver a style of play that will impress all our supporters. We look forward to your passionate support,this season.
What is your favorite food? Rice omelet, Meat dish, Shaved ice, Cheesecake