Fujii Misa    

Fujii Misa
Alma mater Yamanashi Gakuin University
Birth place Osaka Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2016
Uniform number 18
Nickname Misa
Birthday 8/25/1993
Zodiac sign Virgo
Blood type O
Height 164cm
Fujii Misa
Current obsession Finding delicious places to eat.
My favorite singer I listen to all kinds of music.
How I spend my days off Shopping, Travel
Aspirations for this season Make as many goals as possible; no lost points.
My sales point Forward pass to feet and strong strokes.
What led me to hockey Someone I knew suggested that I try it.
Message to the fans We will win the 4 major titles and work hard to show our appreciation to the fans through our performance. Please continue to send us your cheers!
What I would do with 100,000 yen? Go to a country with a beautiful sea and bathe in the sun. Eat a full-course dinner. → Take this kind of trip without a care in the world.