Nakamura Eika    

Nakamura Eika
Alma mater Tenri University
Birth place Tochigi Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2018
Uniform number 12
Nickname Eika
Birthday 3/4/1996
Zodiac sign Pisces
Blood type O
Height 168cm
Nakamura Eika
Current obsession Skateboarding
My favorite singer AIec Benjamin
How I spend my days off Outdoor activity, Shopping
Aspirations for this season No goals
My sales point The toughness
What led me to hockey Hockey was offered as one of the after-class club activities in elementary school, and my childhood friend was playing hockey.
Message to the fans As always,I would like to thank you your continued support. This year I will push myself to work harder and make sure I have no goals scored against the team.
What is your favorite food? Japanese fried chicken and Rice cracker.