Matoba Hina    

Matoba Hina
Alma mater Yamanashi University
Birth place Kyoto Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2020
Uniform number 14
Nickname Syu
Birthday 3/19/1998
Zodiac sign Pisces
Blood type O
Height 154cm
Matoba Hina
Current obsession Watching concert
My favorite singer ONE OK ROCK
How I spend my days off Watch movies in the app, Play games
Aspirations for this season Give accurate instructions
My sales point The toughness
What led me to hockey Influenced by my old brother
Message to the fans I will be pushing myself at training and during our matches so that you will be able to recognize me within this Red Sparks Team. Thank you for your support.
What is your favorite food? Sweets, Meet dish, Corn