Okihara Kano    

Okihara Kano
Alma mater Tenri University
Birth place Okayama Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2020
Uniform number 13
Nickname Oki, Maru-chan
Birthday 4/10/1997
Zodiac sign Aries
Blood type B
Height 148cm
Okihara Kano
Current obsession Watching movies, Reading
My favorite singer Novelbright
How I spend my days off Spend freely without looking at the clock
Aspirations for this season Early decision making, pass, Accurately ball pass
My sales point Passing skills
What led me to hockey Influenced by my old sister
Message to the fans As this is my first year at the Red Sparks,I am very nervous but excited. I will be doing my best to improve as a player and contribute to the team in there chase for success. So please support us in 2020.
What is your favorite food? Crab