Notice regarding the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club's New Players


Thank you for your continued support of the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Field Hockey Team.

We are pleased to announce that two players have joined the team.



We would like to share a message from each of them.


#8 Shiho Kobayakawa

Although I’m anxious and nervous about starting life in a new environment, there are also many things that I’m enjoying. I will do my best to hang on to my ambitions and keep challenging myself in any way I can. I am also grateful to be able to play for a top team, the Coca-Cola Red Sparks, and I will do my best to improve myself and contribute to the team's victory. I would appreciate your support.


#10 Akari Nakagomi

I am so truly happy to be starting my life as an adult with the Coca-Cola Red Sparks. I know that the environment around me will change drastically, and I will have many firsts, but I want to enjoy these changes and dedicate myself to doing my best. I am also grateful to be in an environment where I can play hockey. I will learn and absorb a lot from the senior players and devote myself every day to becoming a player who can contribute to the team's victory. I look forward to your support!


The two players above joined the team, for a total of 22 members playing this season.

Please continue to support the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club.