Notice regarding the new team structure of the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club


Thank you for your continued support of the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club.

We are pleased to announce our new team structure for this season.


The captain will be Yuu Asai, and the Vice Captains will be Shoko Kanefuji and Natsuha Matsumoto.


We would like to share the following messages from the Captain and Vice Captains.


Captain  Yuu Asai

I will be serving as Captain for this year. This year, under the slogan "Dare to Go Beyond," our 22 players will do their best to build a team stronger than any previous Red Sparks team and win our first quadruple crown. We look forward to seeing many of you at our games. Please lend us your support again this year.


Vice-Captain   Shoko Kanefuji

Thank you for always supporting us. This year, we would like to work as a team under Captain Asai’s leadership, and aim to surpass last year's team. We will fight with passion and determination to achieve our first quadruple crown. Each of our 22 players has their own amazing personality, so please pay attention to the plays that they make. We look forward to your continued enthusiastic support.


Vice-Captain   Natsuha Matsumoto

Thank you for always supporting us so much. I was appointed as Vice-Captain for this year. With last year's regrets in mind, I will work hard for the team so that we can achieve our goal of a quadruple crown this season. We will fight together as a team to the bitter end, so please continue to support the Coca-Cola Red Sparks this year.


Please continue to support the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club this season.