Greetings from Captain and Vice Captains for 2021


Thank you for your continued warm support for Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Team.

Here are greetings from three members who serve as a captain and vice captains this year.


[Shoko Kanefuji, Captain]

I will continue as captain this year again.

It will be a very important season this year to us.

We aim to achieve better results than the year before by winning the four titles and to always play fascinating games in a Coca-Cola Red Sparks like manner.

We will make sure to be ready for the opening of the season in order to show you how the team has further strengthened with new members.

We appreciate your continued enthusiastic support in 2021 as well. 


[Izuki Tanaka, Vice Captain]

Thank you always for your devoted support.

I will continue as vice captain this year again.

In order to win all the titles, we will play each game to our fullest to win.

We will always be grateful for all those who support us, and hope that our appreciation reaches them.

Please continue to cheer for Coca-Cola Red Sparks. 


[Yuu Asai, Vice Captain]

Thank you for your constant support.

I was appointed vice captain this year.

With the aim to win our first four titles this season, we will make the most of each and every day and work hard together so that we can show you a different Red Sparks from last year.

We appreciate your continued enthusiastic support in 2021 as well.



We will put out our best efforts day in and day out to become the national champion, centering on Captain Kanefuji.

We look forward to your continued warm support for Red Sparks Hockey Team in this season.