Women's National Hockey Team "Sakura Japan“ World Tournament To Be Held


The FIH Series Finals Women’s Hockey Eight-country Tournament will be held for nine days from Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, June 23 at Hiroshima Koiki Park Football Stadium No.2.

From Coca-Cola Red Sparks, six members have been selected: Akiko Yamashita, Izuki Tanaka, Yuu Asai, Natsuha Matsumoto, Motomi Kawamura, and Kanon Mori!  

The championship serves as the first qualifier for the Tokyo Olympic games.  

And this is the first international competition held in Hiroshima in 25 years since the Asian Games in 1994!!  

Take this valuable opportunity and experience the speed and excitement of hockey at the stadium!! 


【Competing athletes and their aspirations】

FW Akiko Yamashita

I want to play games the way Sakura Japan is supposed to play, and I want to actively get involved in scoring.

Since it’s held in our hometown, I want to show all our fans and supporters plays that give them dreams and excitement.

Thank you for your support!

MF Izuki Tanaka

I'm happy to be able to participate in the series finals held in Hiroshima.

I'll do my best to win the finals and deliver a joy to everyone!

Thank you for your support!

DF Yuu Asai

Thank you always for your support.

I'm very motivated as it’s an international competition held in our hometown Hiroshima!

We will make the most of the strength and attractiveness of Sakura Japan and work together as a team to win!

Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

MF Natsuha Matsumoto

This will be a valuable international tournament toward the Olympics.

I'll do my best to move myself and the team on to another level. 

Thank you for your support!

FW Kanon Mori

I'm a good dribbler so I’ll make dribbles to lead lots of scores.

I also want to fully enjoy each and every game.

Thank you for your support!


【Tournament details】

Title: FIH Series Finals Women’s Hockey Eight-country World Tournament in Hiroshima

Dates: Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, June 23, 2019

Venue: Hiroshima Koiki Park Football Stadium No.2

Participating countries:

Group A: India, Poland, Uruguay, Fiji

Group B: Japan (host country), Chile, Russia, Mexico

Competition type: Each team plays a game against every other team in the group and then ranking matches based on its rank. 

Ticket prices: Free on weekdays

1,000 yen for qualifiers on Saturday, 15th and Sunday, 16th of June

2,000 yen for semi-finals, final, and third-place play-off on Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 16th of June

* Free for high school students and younger even on Saturdays and Sundays.


【Match Schedule】

June 15(Sat)  14:00~ vs Russia

June 16(Sun) 14:00~ vs Chile

June 18(Tue)  16:00~ vs Mexico

June 20(Thu) Play-offs

June 22(Sat)  Play-offs(semifinals)

June 23(Sun) Play-offs(finals, match for 3-4th place)