Report and Gratitude for the Season


Thank you for your warm and constant support of the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey team.

We’ve finished all our games for this season with the final week of the Prince Takamado Trophy 2018 Hockey Japan League held in Komazawa, Tokyo. 

Our results in the four major national competitions are as below:


<Results for this season>

■73th National Athletic Meet 1st place

■40th All Japan Corporate Women's Hockey Championship Tournament –2nd place

■79th All Japan Women's Hockey Championship Tournament – 2nd place

■Prince Takamado Trophy 2018 Hockey Japan League – 4th place


We resulted in One Crown for four straight years, and have missed our goal since winning Triple Crowns in 2014.


<Comment from Captain Akiko Ota>

Thank you for always supporting our Red Sparks Hockey team.

 Although we have been working for our goal of Four Crowns this year again, it was a regrettable season as we ended up with only One Crown from the National Athletic Meet. 

I was painfully aware that we are still so mentally immature that we cannot win a critical game.

We're sorry we couldn't deliver good news to you.

I strongly feel we have to work on team making, going back to the basics for next season.  We will always keep challenger's spirit in mind, and work hard on training individual abilities and mental strength for a team of higher level.

Thank you very much for cheering us on throughout the year, and we’d appreciate your continued support in the future.