Fureai Universal Hockey


On Sunday, Feb. 2, 120 elementary school children of Asakita Ward participated in the “Fureai Unihockey Exchange” at the Asakita Ward Sports Center in Hiroshima. 

In the morning, Red Sparks athletes gave a lecture and then demonstrated moves in mini-games and shootouts etc.  

We were happy to see so many children experience the speed of hockey and show much interest.


In the afternoon, the children were split into 2 groups based on age for a Unihockey Tournament, and we supported the game as assistants. 

Each school had been practicing for this day and the tournament was a testament to their hard work!! 


*Unihockey is short for universal hockey and is played indoors. 

It is a sport for people of all ages, so the sticks and ball are light and easy even for small children to handle.