hockey school


The Hockey School that we, Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club, offer in every off-season! This year, we went to 4 elementary schools in Hiroshima-shi in late January! 


【Friday, January 17 at Itsukaichi Chuo Elementary School】  

6 players participated in the event, and showed the kids the basic techniques of hockey.  

Some kids managed to learn them, and others found them difficult, but everyone seemed to have had a good time!   


【Monday, January 20 at Itsukaichi Kannon Elementary School】 

Kids were full of energy even when they were just warming up. 

120 students in 5th grade were divided into 2 groups, and each group had 1 hour to play. They gradually figured out how to use the stick, and got quicker when dribbling and shooting.  


【Wednesday, January, 22 at Itsukaichi Minami Elementary School】 

Due to the bad weather we had on the day, we had the Hockey School in the gymnastic hall. 

The kids did their best on playing hockey, and gave high five to the players at the end of the event, which brought us closer!


【Tuesday, January 28 at Hesaka Elementary School】 

This is an elementary school we came for the Hockey School last year, and we came back this year!  

The kids listened to the advice from players very carefully and learned the basic techniques. They showed a heated dribbling race at the end of the event! 


We will continue to cherish the opportunities to interact with local people through our activities! 

Everyone in the schools that we visited, thank you very much!