42nd Chugoku Region Criminal Rehabilitation Exhibition


We participated in “42nd Chugoku Region Criminal Rehabilitation Exhibition” on Saturday, November 30! 

On the day of the event, we offered an opportunity for everyone including kids and adults to join the Hockey Bingo Games. Most of them had never tried hockey before.   

“These sticks are hard”. “Balls are heavier than I thought”. We received voices from the people who experienced playing hockey. This is something they couldn’t know unless they tried it themselves, and we were happy to know that we were able to introduce the hockey to many people through this opportunity! 

There was also “Correction Officer Experience” section at the venue, and we got to wear the uniform of correction officers and Self Defense Forces and be on a motorcycle and car. It gave us a wonderful experience!  

Everyone in Hiroshima Prison and all other people who were involved, thank you for the great opportunity!