Hockey Clinic was held in Hyogo Prefecture!!


On Saturday, October 19, we held the third hockey clinic at the Tamba Sasayama Total Sports Center in Hyogo Prefecture to teach hockey to elementary to high school students and beginners. 

Clinic participants were divided into four groups: beginners, elementary school students, middle/high school boys, and girls. Besides learning basics, beginners and elementary school groups got excited with a dribble relay and bingo game. Players gave advice like how to dribble faster, and children eagerly listened and worked hard. 

Middle/high school students were mainly coached by Head Couch Hawgood, learning the importance of paying attention to even details, such as receiving positions.  I was impressed how hard the children worked to learn new skills. 

We were worried about the weather but it held throughout the clinic, which ended with no problem.  At the end of it, we took a group photo.  





Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Team will continue to convey the fun of the sport through events like this, and value the opportunity to interact with people in the community.  

We really thank you for your participation and support today.