2018 West Japan Flood Damage Recovery Sports Event


On Sunday, July 14, “2018 West Japan Flood Damage Recovery Sports Event” was held in Hiroshima Shoyo High School, with four players from Coca-Cola Red Sparks participating.       

In addition to us, athletes from JT Thunders and Hiroshima Dragon Flies that are the sports teams that represent Hiroshima joined to enliven the event together.  

On the day of the event, kids from elementary schools in the areas damaged by the flood in West Japan in 2018 tried various sports with enthusiasm.     

Some of the local events that many kids were looking forward to had to be cancelled or postponed after the disaster, and some people’s lives are still affected by the difficulties that the disaster has created.     

Coca-Cola Red Sparks will always participate in this kind of event and cherish the opportunities to interact with the local people so that we can bring back a smile on the face of the people in the affected regions even a day sooner.