Haruka Ayase-san exprienced hockey with Coca-Cola Red Sparks!


Last month, there was a commercial photo shoot for the Beautiful Japan toward 2020 at the Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Stadium.  The Beautiful Japan towards 2020 is a project to unite Japan, organized by Panasonic Corporation, that is together with Coca-Cola, one of the world-wide partners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

It was a friendly photo shoot... and guess what!  Hiroshima-born actress Haruka Ayase-san enjoyed hockey with us!

At the very moment the players saw Ayase-san, their excitement reached its climax as she is so pretty! 

The photo shoot went on in a very cheerful atmosphere.  She got better at hockey very fast, and scored a lot of points in a small-sided game, erupting cheers from other players!

Her scoring scenes and interactions with players are available at the web site below, so check it out!


■Beautiful JAPPAN towards 2020   http://panasonic.jp/bj2020/

■Panasonic official account  YouTube channel  https://www.youtube.com/PanasonicJAPAN

■Haruka Ayase-san meets Hiroshima Hockey  https://youtu.be/dCZx8GKmsVM


■TVCM Hiroshima Hockey(120seconds)         https://youtu.be/P-GNIG9-Y7k

■Interview Hiroshima Hockey                           https://youtu.be/8_A53zHs1iI

■Hiroshima Staff Document                              https://youtu.be/PgajSGm7QUo