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Ota Akiko    

Ota Akiko
Alma mater Tenri University
Birth place Kagoshima Prefecture
Year of entry to CCBJI 2009
Uniform number 6
Nickname Akko
Birthday 9/15/1986
Zodiac sign Virgo
Blood type O
Height 160cm
Ota Akiko
Current obsession go to cafe, reading manga
My favorite singer Mrs.GREEN APPLE
How I spend my days off Go to cafe, clean my room
Aspirations for this season Win the major 4 tournaments
My sales point A quick pass to the frontline after taking the ball.
What led me to hockey I started in 3rd grade, influenced by my older brother.
Message to the fans Thank you for your support. I will make sure our team this year delivers a positive energy and an excitement from within the team. We will push hard till the end to chase that long and cherished four crowns this season.
What is your favorite food? Cheesecake